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My Brother and Me

Another great week for my favorite podcasts. We got Rob Delaney and Michael Jackson (Mookie Blaiklock) on Comedy Bang Bang for "A Visit From Hee Hee-ll," Shel Silverstein dropped by the Dead Author's Podcast and Harmontown explored changing language, vodka and fetishes in "Dangle, Dipping and Heel Popping." But even with those as enjoyable as they were, the juggernaut of comedy this week was My Brother, My Brother and Me.

In MBMBaM's episode "Torsey" the brothers created a new classic goof. Spinning off of a weird Yahoo Answers question about how to keep their horse from biting and kicking at other horses, the brothers imagine a horse incapable of doing either of those things. Torsey the torso horse. After you listen to the episode, I suggest you check out the fan art.

Matt & Kim

I left the Flaming Lips' show early to make sure I saw Matt & Kim start their set. I think this was only my third time seeing M&K, but in those two previous times I could tell that they were a consistently amazing group. If you've ever seen their show or even watched a clip online, you can tell right away that they're a group who are upbeat enough to never put on a bad show. They had by far the youngest crowd of the festival, but also may have been in the running for most enthusiastic crowd as well.

My only complaint about Matt & Kim's super fun show is that if they want to keep doing teases of famous hip hop songs ("Just a Friend" and "Let Me Clear My Throat" come to mind), then they're eventually going to need to bring out a rapper or just learn the lyrics and cover it themselves. My heart can't take it when they play one of the greatest hip hop riffs for a minute and then jump straight back into a different song. Other than that, it's all golden!