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Sklarbro County with Matt Jones + Drew Franklin

As a Kentuckian, you could argue that I'm a bit biased in favor of this episode. This week the Sklar Brothers were joined by Matt and Drew from Kentucky Sports Radio. However, I'm sure I'd have picked this episode even I couldn't be motivated by Kentucky pride.

Even though they aren't proper comedians, Matt and Drew are great guests for the Sklars. They have a lot to say about UK basketball (obviously) and riff well on the Sklar's dumb criminal stories. Plus, their tale about meeting Marilyn Manson on an airplane is a great story. Thanks for making Kentucky proud, guys.

Joy Formidable

I don't ever listen to The Joy Formidable, but I'll probably never pass up the opportunity to see them in concert. They've got a huge sound and loads of great songs to back it up.

Early on in the set, the drummer, Matthew James Thomas, was having some problems with his kit. The rest of the band teased him for delaying the song, then he pointed out that his kick drum still worked so they should just start playing already. They ripped through the song with him playing a handicapped kit and it sounded great. Toward the end, lead singer Ritzy Bryan ran over to Thomas' side of the stage and sat down next to him in a show of solidarity.

At the end of the set I was left with the belief that the Joy Formidable are a hair away from being a big, big group. As is, they're a great live band who routinely out-perform bands three times as big as they are. Here's hoping they can continue their rise and ascend to a status that suits their skills.